What are cookies? A cookie is a small text file with information that is stored on your computer or device (mobile device, cell phone or iPad). Cookies are used to enhance the functions of a website and to provide information about the user to the website owner. As an example, language choice and other preferences are stored to simplify your next visit on our website. Cookies separate users from each other, which in itself can make for a more positive website experience.

Cookies that are used on our website: There are two types of cookies, permanent cookies and session cookies. We use both types of cookies on our website. Permanent cookies are stored on your computer for a period of time until you erase them yourself on the website or server that sent them. Session cookies are temporarily stored on your computer while you are surfing a website and they disappear automatically when you close the web browser.

We use cookies to make our website more user friendly and to customize the website experience to the user.

The information we collect with cookies does not contain your personal information. It is simply used to establish the user’s patterns with regards to their use of our web services. Our website:, does not store IP addresses in our database. Therefore, the user’s information cannot be connected to your identity. uses cookies to calculate and report user numbers and traffic on our website. We use third party cookies from other companies to perform market analysis and measure traffic.

On elmo’s website, content may be integrated from social networks like Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn. These suppliers may use cookies on elmo’s website. Elmo Sweden AB does not have access to or control over these cookies or the personal data and information they may collect. It is important to check these suppliers’ websites for additional information about how they use cookies, what type of information they collect and how you can erase the data or block the supplier.

Erase or disable cookies

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. Via settings in your web browser you can erase or disable cookies. This process varies with each web browsers. You can find information in your instruction manual or via the help function that is provided with most browsers. Additionally, you can find information about how to erase and disable cookies on: